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1100 Word Essay

In this assignment, you are asked to identify one issue that you consider to be a Global Health priority. Imagine that you are going to design an intervention to address this issue. As a part of this intervention, you need to address the structural determinants of the disease, the cultural context, as well as how to integrate (or not) existing healers or medical practitioners. After providing a brief description of the priority (the who, what, when, where, and why), provide a discussion of how your intervention will address each of these issues. For example, what are the structural determinants of the condition and how will you address those? Do you focus on the structural determinants at the beginning of a program, or is it more important to focus on them after delivering medication? What are important cultural aspects that you need to consider – such as beliefs and practices regarding the condition; gender roles; religion; etc.? How do you interact with existing healers? Do you try to integrate them and if so, in what ways and for what purpose? Do you ignore them or discourage people from using them?
Provide one unique citation for each of the four sections. Please make sure that you provide in-text references if you are using information from these sources in your writing, and to indicate any direct quotes that you use. All of your sources should be cited somewhere in your text.
Please use this template as the rubric follows this organization.


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