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2 Discussion Questions 250 Words Each

2 Discussion Questions 250 Words Each.

  Post Requirements: Your posts must use at least two (2) sources of information (properly cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) citation guidelinesin addition to the “hypermedia” already provided to you as part of the course. Your post must consist of a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words. Technical accuracy, proper in-text citations, and depth of coverage all play a critical role in your overall score.

One of the more mysterious features of the Cisco IOS is the use of AAA. By default, IOS devices are using the “local” model (so to speak) of authentication, authorization, and accounting which is commonly referred to as Local AAA. This is to say that, in addition to their being a new model (or new way of doing AAA), there is a better and more robust method of AAA on Cisco devices that is referred to as Server-Based AAA. Your task for this post is to detail the advantages of using the Server-Based AAA model when compared to the Local AAA model. Answer questions such as, How do you configure the AAA new model for use with a centralized server? Why is it better? Are there any drawbacks? What features does it have that the Local AAA model doesn’t? Does it support only a single centralized server? Remember to incorporate the information from your online course text as well as adding two (2) additional references to support your post.

RADIUS and TACACS+ provide an enhanced set of functionality when it comes to controlling remote access to Cisco networking devices. One of the major challenges for many network engineers is being able to describe when and why you would use one instead of the other. Your task for this post is to convince me that using TACACS+ in your Cisco network is a better choice than using RADIUS. You should focus on comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of each protocol and vigorously support your position for TACACS+. At a minimum, you should address questions such as: What are the major differences between the protocols? Why is separating Authentication and Authorization important? What are some uses cases where separating Authentication & Authorization would make a difference? What ports and transport layer protocols are used by each protocol? Is TACACS+ really proprietary in the sense that other vendors don’t support it? Remember to incorporate the information from your online course text as well as adding two (2) additional references to support your post.

2 Discussion Questions 250 Words Each


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