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8 Pages Essay

  •   Topic: (choose one topic)
  • 1. How volcanoes affect the climate of neighboring settlements.
  • 2. Melting of glaciers and the consequences.
  • 3. Composition and structure of the atmosphere in industrial cities.
  • Paper Format:
  • · APA Style 
  • · Length: 8 Pages
  • · Typed using 1” Margins; Double-spaced; 12 point font.
  • · Include: Your Name; Course Name; Instructor’s Name; Title; and Date.
  • · Footnotes: Required
  • · Works Cited: Required
  • · Use at least three (3) outside sources (books, articles, commentaries).
  • Introductory Paragraph:
  • Introduce your topic and clearly make a strong thesis statement, which is what you plan to prove or explain in your essay.
  • Organizing Ideas:
  • · Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay
  • · Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement
  • · Each of these key ideas can become their own paragraphs
  • · Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details, and using quotes 
  • · The use of the first person “I” is not appropriate for a research essay.
  • Body of the Paper:
  • · Present your ideas in a logical way with references to texts.
  • Concluding Paragraph:
  • · Reiteration of your thesis statement and summary of your arguments or points. 
  • · Conclude.


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