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Be sure to read Chapter 1 & 2 in course text and review Module 1 lecture notes.
In this homework assignment you will examine the following:

  •  The leadership styles, range high or low relative to directive and supportive behaviors, and key characteristics of each type 
  •  Managing in four directions
  • Attributes of a successful manager and core activities performed by IT Managers
  • Aspect of managing individuals and technical teams
  • Personality types and communications styles relative to managing
  • Managing conflict, disputes, opposition between individuals & teams
  • Importance and relevancy of Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence

Provide a thoughtful and comprehensive response to each of the questions outlined in the assignment.  Conduct additional research and embed  relevant content in your responses and be sure to properly site and your reference sources using APA format.
Use the Homework-01 Word Template to complete this assignment.

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