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American history homework help. PSA 3 Guidelines, Strategy, and Criteria
As we move into unit 3, we want to consider and reemphasize core components of PSAs 1 and
2 and improve based on received feedback for PSA 3. And Remember, if any of this is
unclear-PLEASE reach out for help. Look at the Rubric, Talk to you TA, Stop by/schedule
an online conference for help.
What?: 1-2 Page analysis on one primary source selected from the Primary Source
Projects in chapters 24-28. For PSA 3, like PSA 2, we want to examine a single source
within whichever Primary Source Project you choose. Make sure you are picking a source
only from one of the allowed sources within the book, and from the correct unit chapters
(Primary Source Project, Chapters 24-28). You still get to pick which source/source project
to consider. This time, again, you will only pick one single source.
Why?: The goal(s) with all primary source projects in this class are to:
1) Consider why a source was created?
A) Is this author’s goal to give an objective account (descriptive)?
B) or Is the author’s goal to persuade the reader of a specific
Interpretation/perspective on an event/idea/issue(prescriptive)?
Be clear about which of the two you think the source/author is doing.
2) Consider why who the author is matters?
A) What about the time/place/context the author lived in affects their
Interpretation or perspective on things? This is a key component of
Identifying bias. We all bring our own biases to any story. Even trying
to be unbiased creates a certain viewpoint on issues/events. It is
human. And even authors striving to be objective have prejudices/
biases that shape their perspective.
B) What is the author’s agenda in creating the source? Writing something
down took time, effort, and resources. No-one does this without a goal
in mind, and sometimes this isn’t even obvious to the author or on
purpose. Yet, it can be found by the objective reader.
Be clear in your interpretation of how the author’s biases/agendas shape
their telling of the story. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL LEARN TO DECIDE
How?: Keeping in mind the two main goals of the exercise, remember the goal here is to create
an analysis of the source/author, not a summary. There is an easy trick to figure out which
your essay does by simply asking these two questions:
1) Am I explaining what the source says?(summary) or why you think it says
2) Am I naming who the author is?(summary) or why who the author is/where/
when they lived matters in how they tell the story?(analysis).
3) Remember evidence matters in authority. Power isn’t about who talks the
loudest or most. It’s who can back it up and prove they know what they’re
talking about. Cite evidence from the readings/lectures that back up your
And Remember: Formats and Deadlines Matter: At least 1, but not more than 2 pages,
with citations of some kind, submitted on time. THIS IS HOW YOU GET FULL CREDIT.

American history homework help


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