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Applied Sciences homework help. Synthesis Essay Assignment:
Complete rough draft due date: Monday March 23
Final Draft Due (tentative): Friday April 3
Grade value of assignment: 100 points
Suggested length of assignment: 1000-1500 (not including reference page)
Format requirements: double spaced, font size 12, 1 in. margins
Assignment description: For this assignment, you will write an essay on the topic of collaboration in the modern world.
Please explain what modern collaboration looks like and evaluate the effects of modern collaboration (positive or negative).
The purpose of the essay is:

  • to show your comprehension of class readings
  • to identify effects of modern collaboration
  • to support your evaluation of these effects

You must incorporate at least three class readings and one reading from your own research into your paper.
Writing skills to practice: ability to 1) synthesize readings, 2) cite and reference sources appropriately, 3) paraphrase and summarize appropriately, 4) write cohesively, 5) write in formal language, 6) use cause/effect transition words accurately, 5) self-edit writing
Grading criteria:
Your essay will be graded on the criteria on the back of this page (out of 100 pts total):
Essay Rubric

Content:    /30 points
  The student shows thorough understanding of the effects of modern collaboration
  The student shows ability to think critically
  The student seems to have gained new knowledge about modern collaboration through this writing assignment (evidenced by number of citations)
Effectiveness of writing:   /30 points
  The introduction catches the reader’s interest
  The introduction appropriately introduces the topic
  The main point of the essay is clear
  The main idea of each paragraph is clear
  All claims are supported with convincing evidence
  The essay concludes effectively
  The essay is well organized
  The ideas in the essay are easy to follow
  The topic is covered thoroughly
  The arguments are logical
Incorporation of Sources:   /10
  Outside sources are quoted, summarized, or paraphrased appropriately
  Outside sources are integrated into the essay appropriately
  In-text citations are properly formatted
  Reference list is formatted properly
Sophistication/language:   /10
  The essay contains a mixture of sentence structures (simple, compound, complex)
  The essay contains advanced vocabulary
  Formal writing is used
Grammar, mechanics, and format:   /20
  There are no major grammatical mistakes that leads to incomprehensibility
  The essay is easy to read because it does not contain many grammatical errors
  There are minimal errors in subject/verb agreement
  There are minimal errors in verb tense form
  There are minimal errors in part of speech
  There are minimal errors in mechanics (capitalization, spelling, paragraph indentation, punctuation, fragmented and run-on sentences)
  The essay is formatted according to standard conventions (title, name, date, etc.)


Applied Sciences homework help


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