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Pretending you’re an advisor to a new Representative in Congress who has just been appointed to the Committee on Homeland Security. She wants a briefing on how government was reorganized after 9/11 to cope with the terrorist threat. She wants a specific breakdown of what the organization was comprised of and what agencies it involved. She wants to know if these specific changes will actually be effective in addressing the issues pertaining to Homeland Security, or are they merely “window-dressing” or “pork-barrel” projects? She would like to provide her with some additional changes might she advocate for regarding Homeland Security issues.
· When addressing these types of questions with multiple parts make sure you answer each of the questions and address each of the issues separately, so explanation of responses is clear.
Address her questions in a memo (this is a standard memo format), this is not a title page from a paper, (this is actually 4 complete pages of writing and not inserts, or double double spacing, the writing will be double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman. APA format, APA Style Manual (6th edition), place citations for work in the body and provide References page.


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