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Article writing homework help. Journalistic Review Paper Approximately 800 words 15 Points
Juvenile delinquency
This paper asks you to summarize an aspect of your topic as a journalistic news story. The assignment assesses your ability to (a) present information on your topic in language appropriate for the general public, (b) critically appraise popular media reporting on your topic, and (c) situate your topic in the context of current events or the social climate. Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to examine the way in which your topic is presented and discussed in social and popular media. Through this assignment, you will explore potential bias and misinformation is reporting in the media, as well as the way in which current events and cultural context shape the conversation of your topic. Knowledge and Skills After completing this assignment, you should be able to: • Present factual information on your topic in a way that is interesting and engaging to a general population audience. • Demonstrate critical thinking in assessing potential bias and/or cultural perspectives in reporting. • Discuss how current events or cultural contexts influence how your issue is perceived and presented in the news media. Tasks Complete the following tasks to prepare for and complete the assignment: 1. Choose an aspect of your topic that is of particular relevance at the current time 2. Search online news, social media, blogs, websites, and videos for recent sources relevant to your topic 3. Determine which sources may be most appropriate and relevant for your reporting on your topic. You will likely need at least 15 sources. 4. Write your paper as a news article, using common language, and including hyperlinks to all online sources. 5. Submit your assignment online to the discussion board. 6. Read and comment on the assignments of at least three other students. There is no common outline for an article of this type. They vary widely depending on the way in which you choose to present it. However, consider that is will be important to: 1. Clearly define the topic that you are discussing 2. Explain why it is an important topic in general 3. Explain why it is particularly relevant at the current time 4. Link to relevant online sources that provide further information related to the story you are telling. Tips for Success ✓ These stories are expected to be your own personal thoughts, but must be grounded in the larger online representation of the topic. ✓ You are encouraged to make recommendations or provide thoughts on s strategy to address the issue. ✓ You do not need to use APA format. However, if you are referring to information gathered from an online source, including statistics, reporting on a current event, or an editorial opinion on a topic, you must include the hyperlink in the document. ✓ The assignment will be less complicated in you can focus very narrowly on a recent event, social media exchange, or cultural representation, including music, movies, or television. ✓ Although you are describing your own thinking and opinions, it is not generally common to use words such as “I” and “me” in the paper. However, they may be used sparingly. ✓ When commenting on the reports of others, engage in constructive, respectful discussion.

Article writing homework help


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