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Asking people to make my high-poly model convert into Lowpoly model [MAYA]

 The game for which you are making your Loot Box. For example, a hyper-real game like God of War (PS4) would have higher resolution loot boxes, whereas Pokémon Go would allow for a fewer amount of polygons. How far the camera will be from the Loot box. First-person games usually allow players to get very close to characters and objects, whereas the camera in strategy games sits far back. If this is a separate screen, like the Overwatch loot box screen, this is a “hero” asset and can contain more polygons. Your low resolution Loot Box should have no more than 40,000 triangles. The mesh should be clean and free of errors: no n-gons, no stray vertices, no lamina faces, no concave faces, etc. You can use Maya’s Cleanup Tool (Links to an external site.) to find errors. Deliverables:  Your low resolution mesh in either Maya format, .OBJ, or .FBX. Files with the high-res mesh or any geometry that isn’t part of your low-res mesh will not be accepted. Consider this your hand off to another artist, in a professional setting. Three “hero” screenshots, shaded with wireframe on and anti-aliasing on and as little UI as possible, showcasing your low resolution mesh. A minimum of one screenshot showing your low-res and high-res meshes side by side. Same setup as above. OPTIONAL: Detail screenshots showcasing specially difficult retopology areas, and/or silhouette screenshots showcasing your retopo work. Determining the goal poly count for your mesh is more of an art than a science. If this is your first time doing this, it is OK to “guesstimate.” 3D artists typically get the polygon budget from the design/tech art team. The 40k poly limit is a semi-arbitrary number to give you a guideline and eliminate some guesswork.  What you’re going for is a good, technically proficient asset, so lower poly count doesn’t always mean better. It depends heavily on the game you’re making this for and the choices you make. Do some research, examine the games you play, download 3D assets, etc. This is part of being a good 3D artist.  Here are some references for the poly count of characters in popular games (Links to an external site.). You can treat your loot box as a character, or a hero asset.  It is very important that you don’t get bogged down by the tools. Maya’s Quad Draw is a great tool that allows you to quickly create polygons on top of high-res meshes. However, as demonstrated in the video lectures, it is not the only way to do retopology. Focus on the result, not the tools.


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