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BA500 Report 2

BA500 Report 2.

Correlate your job responsibilities with the Disaster recovery course outcomes listed above. Should be Minimum 200 words

Disaster Recovery Course Out-come

• Recognize the need for disaster recovery plans within organizations.

• Develop a complete and accurate disaster recovery plan.

• Assess risks that may impact an organization

• Identify data storage and recovery sites.

• Develop plans, procedures and relationships.

• Develop procedures for special circumstances.

• Test the disaster recovery plan.

• Continue to assess needs, threats, and solutions after testing the disaster recovery


Job Responsibility:

· Responsible in delivering the complete Project Plan with total supporting data which included the status Reports, Issues Log, Performance Testing Matrix, detailed Testing Reports, Fine tuning Recommendation reports to both Executive Management & Senior Management

· Responsible to provide Technical and Functional Support to the users, tester and Business System Analysts

· Managing and Preparation of the Test Plan and Test strategy for the various projects

· Liaison with the onsite and offshore teams for testing status and issue resolution

· Tested the data mapping, fixing errors

· Tested staging table for EDI 210 Invoice, Balance Due Invoice, EDI 810 Invoice inbound, 850 Inbound Purchase order

· Tested Web service using SoapUI

· Involved in User acceptance testing (UAT)

· Written standard test scripts for Oracle Financial, Procure to Pay, SOA, web services

· Involved in standard Functionality testing in Phase I Phase II for 3 Instance

· Documented and communicated test results to the test Management and Business Management Team

· Worked closely with Developers team for different issues

· Experience with test automation tools like JIRA

· Worked on the testing of SaaS, Web services, XML and web application.


BA500 Report 2


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