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Belief, obedience and ten commandments

Belief, obedience and ten commandments.

Belief, obedience and ten commandments

When reading the Bible about the ten commandments which were given to Moses by God, we can conclude that God gave these rules to be followed by man. For somebody who believes in Bible should obey all God’s commandment and follow them. These commandments guide us in our daily lives and without them it could be hard to live in a righteous way (Baxter, 2018). Many lessons are learnt from each commandment, the first being worshipping only God. The Almighty is asking us to acknowledge only him and not any idol, as we know our God is a jealous God. It is also good to fear the Lord our God.

Going to the second one which is teaching us on the right ways of worshipping God. This commandment helps in identifying the criteria of adoring Him just as illustrated in the Bible. God will be happy if we worship him in the right way. Other commandments not mentioning all also impact teachings like “children obey your father and mother” it being the fifth commandment, reminds us to show respect to our parents(Baxter, 2018). God clearly says that our parents’ posses our blessings and by us obeying them, we shall receive these blessings and we shall live long.

Not forgetting the seventh commandment where we are asked not to “commit adultery”. Although, God accepted marriage for those who cannot remain sexually pure. This good news allows Christians not to be single instead engage in marriage which is a wonderful gift from God. We can learn from the ninth commandment that God hates lies. This goes hand in hand with gossiping which is another vice that he hates (Baxter, 2018). Everyone is required to give a positive reputation to his or her neighbor even though they are unworthy.

Belief and obedience

They both relate with almost similar meanings as one depend on the other. When one believes in God, definitely he obeys his commands. This belief in you will make your life righteous, free from sins (Zinnbauer et al., 2015). Enlightenment in your life comes when you believe and obey God’s commands. It is a requirement to be in accordance with God’s laws in order to survive in this world if you are a Christian. Any person who is not saved and does not obey God’s command, is a non-believer.

Pattern of discernment in the Bible

While studying about the Bible, I noticed my spiritual life was developed and my entire life changed. These lessons are not only used in religious setting but also in our daily lives. An example being the fifth commandment that requires us to obey our parents in order to increase our life expectancy, has really impacted my life (Zinnbauer et al., 2015). I can see the fruits of obeying parents and the same parents always find time to hear me out when in trouble. With this good virtue in me, I will install it to my future family and friends. God is happy when we obey one another and as I continue with this course, I hope to learn more about the Bible which will bring me close to God.


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Belief, obedience and ten commandments


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