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Biology homework help

Biology homework help.  
Assignment 1 690
In a 3- to 5- page paper, justify the importance of lifelong learning for public health professionals and share at least two organizations that support continuing education for public health professionals. Be sure to include current, credible literature to support your work and properly cite all sources per APA formatting guidelines.
Discussion1  150 words  690
Articulate at least two different scenarios where health professionals use data to promote public health.
Discussion 2  150 words 699
Browse health- and public-health-related items in the news this week. Locate an article with content that has implications for a policy change or might impact population health. Ideally, the issue should be related to your area of interest ( area of interest epidemiology).
What is/are the issue(s)? What is important from a public health perspective? Is the issue a result of a policy that needs to be changed? What changes might be needed? How does the issue impact population health? What approaches might be necessary to mitigate any impact on population health?

Biology homework help


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