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Business Case For Proposed Solution

Business Case For Proposed Solution.

 A Project Manager was assigned to begin managing your project of the adoption of a cloud solution and digital transformation project. Feasibility is the first phase of the project life cycle and includes the completion of a business case. A business case is a best practice employed to convey the project’s feasibility to all stakeholders. It includes various information such as the problem, proposed solutions, benefits, and risks.    Write a 3- to 4-page business case supporting the procurement of a cloud solution for the credit union that includes:  Background Problem Proposed solution, including an analysis of the following: cloud client platform cloud storage deployment configuration cloud base layers and components Benefit(s) to the business and community Risk(s) of not procuring solution Risk(s) of procuring solution At least three references formatted according to APA guidelines.   This business case will be updated in the Week 4 Assignment. You may use the business case template provided or create your own layout based on research.



Business Case For Proposed Solution


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