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In a 4 – 6 page paper based on your internship course experience and the learning objectives achieved during the course, review your internship experience successes and challenges leading to growth. You should demonstrate in your paper a description of your professional portfolio and include any evidence of accomplishment and skill development or recognition that you have acquired this session and how it will contribute to your portfolio.
Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed sources.
1. At least 4 pages 
2. Journal needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition
3. Need to have at least 2 peer-reviewed articles as the references (Recommend to find the articles from proquest.
4. Need to include introduction and conclusion.
5. Please read the word file attached “Discussion for week 1 to week 14 -Internship Course” prior writing the journal to understand what am I doing for my job and my experiences.
6. I have also attached first Journal for Internship Course which you wrote it for me before, and please also use that as the reference, and do not repeat the contents.
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