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Methods the PI will   use to record data.
Please note that a   specific consent form template is available for
Item 19 asked how   long each participant would need to complete the research procedures. Item 26   refers to the time required for all the research data to be collected. For   research using existing data, state “Not applicable.”
Identifying   information may be collected on an instrument, or kept on a list that matches   pseudonyms to the participants’ identity. Video recording is automatically   considered identifying.
Stating a duration   means that all data will be destroyed after that point.
Destroying data is   not an requirement, but may be advisable for project involving risk above   those of daily life, or per outside agency protocols.
data owned   by another entity should state so here.
Procedures put in   place to protect the participants’ information for as long as the PI plans to   keep the research data.
All methods used to   communicate or disseminate the research findings.
The items listed   here must be identical to the ones listed under Use of Information in the   attached consent templates.
Deception should   only be used when absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of the   research findings. For research that uses it, the need should be explained in   detail in part 2 of the application.
Costs may occur if participants   incur a monetary loss in order to participate in the research. This may   include, for instance, having to pay a fee to access research materials, or   losing income due to the amount of time required to complete the research   procedures.


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