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rite a program to score the paper-rock-scissor game. Each of two users types in either P,R, or S. The program then announces the winner as well as the basis for determining the winner: Paper covers rock,Rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, or Nobody wins. Be sure to allow the users to use lowercase as well as uppercase letters. Your program should include a loop that lets the user play again until the user says she or he is done


For this program, do not use switch statement.

Before submitting check the following:
– 5 lines of comments (don’t forget partner’s name)
– description completely describe the program
– description to user
– meaningful variable names (should start with lowercase letter)
– get character type input from user
– give error for incorrect input
– include basis for determining the winner
– code lineup
– indentation
– comments within the program (coding part)
– submitting cpp file only



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