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Can   a psychologist counsel a friend?

Choose 4 questions


1. What kind   of screening do psychologists go through to find out if they have

any   psychological disorders before being licensed?

2. Can   a psychologist counsel a friend? Is it ever beneficial or are there usually

too many conflicts?

3. How   can psychologists know if their colleagues are being ethical if their

sessions are in private?

4. What   are the general principles and ethical standards of the APA Ethics


5. What   are the most common ethical violations?

6. How   much information does a psychologist reveal about a patient when

receiving   consultation from another professional?

7. What   roles are psychologists likely to use in consultation?

8. What   are the necessary skills needed to be an effective consultant?

9. What   is the training like for psychologist administrators?

10. What   types of problems are of interest to those who specialize in clinical

health   psychology?

11. What   types of problems are of interest to those who specialize in forensic


12.  What is the likelihood of recovery from   anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and


13. Is   it possible that an ADHD diagnosis is a way of controlling very active


14. What   are the long-term side effects of medications like Ritalin?

15. What types of problems are of interest to   those who specialize in



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