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Can Someone Fill In The Reference And In Text?

APA Citation worsheet
Give the in text citation and reference page citation for the following resources.You should give the citation for a direct quote without interrogation it into your writing. An example quote is given so that all you must do is give the citation afterward.
All i need it the answers you can either do it on this page at the bottom or on a separate page this is just what my worksheet has on it. everything should be capitalized but i just didn’t since i was in a hurry to type down everything

  1. authors-Lynn Smith

title- a study of undergraduate students
journal-collegiate learning review
page number-article pages.170-191 quote pg:172
in text.”….out of every five students feels unprepared for writing classes”_________________________________________
2.Authors- Allen Jameison and Susan Plette
title-a quick look at the symptoms of adult onset cardiac disease in diabetics
journal;-journal of medical practices
page number-article pages. 80-85 quote on pg 83
volume 4 issue 2
in text”…showed few symptoms after two weeks of treatment”__________________________________
reference ________________________________________________________
3.authors-steve marisol
title-mathematical concepts for non math majors
publisher-mcgraw hill publishing
city of publication-new york city,new york
page number-quote page 214
in text”…to show the matrices’ values”___________________________________________
4.authors-jan plumm and carol neischke
title-a creationist view of sexuality
publisher-harley publishing inc
city of publication-new brunswick,new jersey
page number;quote pg 113-114
in text”…no coverage available”
5. author-john p. acorn
title of webpage-statistics of insurance coverage of elderly
sponsoring organization- organization for medical reform
date of publication- september 21, 2013
date of access -april 3, 2014
in text-“….no coverage available”_________________________________________
6. authors-no specific author
title-coordinating grassroots campaigns for liberal conservatives
main page title-grassroots strategies
sponsoring organization- grassroots of america
date of publication-may3, 2011
date of access-june 28,2014
in text”….by building on previous voters”______________________________
reference _________


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