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Can we use interventions already written up on the medical documentation?

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· assessment/evaluation is not intervention

· signs & symptoms are not problems

You can use up to 3 collaborative and 1 independent intervention or you can use 2 collaborative and 2 independent. Because of the emergency situation with patient you will probably need to use more collaborative depending on your priority problems.

Can we use interventions already written up on the medical documentation?

Yes you can but in some instances the order may need to be changed. You will determine this from your research e.g. oxygen your research might lead to another device, litres per mintues or concentration delivered

Can we use websites as references?

Only the Australian Heart Foundation or Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Does my information in the body of the essay need to evidence based?

Yes absolutley if your information is not in text referenced it will be seen as invalid and does not receive marks

use MIMS online and AMH for medication references?

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