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Case Study: Application of Environmental Management Concepts:

By this time in the course, you would have seen an overview of global ENMT issues, and examined integrative and international perspectives to environmental management. You would have also read about specific cases that demonstrate the need for an integrative approach to ENMT. As part of your authentic assessments, you will choose a case study on which to reflect and apply your knowledge of environmental management, integrating ENMT concepts, strategies, and perspectives, especially those covered in this course.

You may choose one of the following:

  • Events that led to the Cuyahoga River fires in 1969 up to the present
  • – Mono Lake, from the 1940’s to the present
  • – Donora, Pennsylvania, from the 1940’s to the present

Your case study should provide the following:


Brief summary of the major events that led to the crisis

Possible points: 10

Brief summary of the scientific data pointing to the source of the problem

Possible points: 10

Social and legislative barriers to resolving the problem

Possible points: 10

Actions taken to resolve the problem, with a brief summary of the key players taking the actions

Possible points: 10

Ramifications of the case

Possible points: 10

Your recommendations on the environmental management systems and practices you think would be best to avoid such cases in the future and/or manage the case going forward.  Please make sure to provide a clear argument for how your suggestions would either:

(A)          Resolve the problem more effectively given the present state of the case (what has been implemented and can be further implemented)


(B)          Avoid future cases like the one you investigated

whichever one is the most applicable case to demonstrate your management knowledge.

Make sure to think clearly about each particular situation given time, culture, and resources in the context of your case.

Possible points: 40

References and citations from reliable sources in the American Psychological Association (APA) format

Possible points: 10

Total points possible = 100 points

Please note that you should be demonstrating application of what you have learned from class readings and discussions into each assignment.


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