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CIS 413 (Database Management Systems) SQL Server

CIS 413 (Database Management Systems) SQL Server.

Write DML to query B&B Database to find answer for each of the questions. Once you have the correct answer in a SQL server query, copy the SQL codes to a Word document and submit the Word document to Blackboard. Do not attempt to write the queries in Word without trying in SQL Server to see if the codes work. Be sure to include your name at the top of the Word document.

1. Of all the products that Bits & Bytes carries, what are the low-price items (selling price lower than $10)? Put the results in descending order by price.

2. A customer is looking for a digital camera and wants to know the one that has the lowest price. Show the product description and selling price.

3. How many‘NETGEAR FS108 8-Port Fast Ethernet Switch’ were sold in the second quarter of 2010?

4. What was the most popular hard drive sold in July of 2010?

5. How frequently does each of the sales rep contact their customers?

6. Which potential customers are interested in buying HP Laser Jet 5000 Series Laser Printer?

Note: Potential customers’ interests are stored in the CustomerInterst table. The InterestLevel column in this table stores the level of interest, ranging from 0 (not interested) to 4 (very interested). Joining this table with Stock table and PotentialCustomertable to find which potential customer is interested in which product.

7. How much revenue has each of the reps generated in 2010?

8. Which salesrep has generated the highest profit in the first quarter of 2010?

9. List the customers who had purchased more than $90,000 of products. Show the names and the total amounts purchased.

10. Which sales reps have brought in more than $1 million of profit in the first 6 months of 2010?

CIS 413 (Database Management Systems) SQL Server


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