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Client Education

Client Education. You have been working as a veterinary assistant at a small animal clinic for the last two years. Part of your responsibilities involve assisting with client education when clients must provide care or treatment after minor problems with their furry companions.


Melanie is a long-time client of the practice. One summer day, Melanie brings her dog Zoey to the clinic because Zoey has been limping for the last several days. During the appointment, the veterinarian determines that Zoey has suffered damage to her distal and metacarpal pads from walking on hot pavement. You assist the veterinary technician clean up and bandage the pads. The appointment has run very long, so you are trying to free up the examination room for another patient. You walk out of the room with Melanie and explain to her that Zoey should be walked only in grassy areas during the day and that she should not walk on hot pavement. You also quickly explain that the bandages must be kept clean and dry; you let Melanie know that she should use plastic bags or booties over the bandages before taking Zoey outside if it is raining.


Two days later, Melanie returns with Zoey, whose bandages are wet, dirty, and falling off. Melanie is quite upset about the condition of the bandages. Clearly, Melanie has not followed the instructions that were given to her. She is very upset and eventually begins yelling that you clearly have no idea what you are doing.


Write a one- to two-page response that answers the following questions.


1. How should you respond to the situation? Explain why your suggestion is appropriate.


2. Describe how the original situation could have been better handled. Explain why.

Client Education


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