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Clinical Application Of Positive Psychology

Clinical Application Of Positive Psychology. Monique’s Week Five  Discussion – Clinical Application of Positive Psychology

The theme for this week is Clinical Application of Positive Psychology. You should be aware that Positive Psychology does not see itself offering an alternative to psychotherapy; instead, it sees the application of its principles as an added feature.

I want you to watch a video on the topic, and then share with us your reactions.

1. Click on Positive Psychotherapy and Coaching

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJwU2EbbJKs)and watch a short video on the topic. Be sure to take notes to refresh your memory when you get ready answer the questions following.

2.      Tell three positive concepts that you found important in this video.

3.      Then share two things that you suspect could, if you put them into practice in your life, could have positive growth results.

4.      Finally, describe one thing on which you are not clear

Clinical Application Of Positive Psychology


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