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250 words agree or disagree to each quesstions

Question 1.

Unravelling the Threat of Violence

The problem of violence against women manifests itself in a terrifying array of forms throughout the world. The experience of violent intrusion – or the threat of such intrusion – is a common thread in the fabric of women’s everyday lives in societies around the world.

As an international journal, one of the goals of Violence Against Women is to unravel that thread by shedding light not only on forms of violence that are already widely discussed but also on lesser known forms of violence, such as dowry murders, female circumcision enslavement for sex tourism, and rape as a weapon of war. Topics recently covered in the journal have included: Sexual Assault/ Coercion Domestic Violence Hate Crimes Corporate Violence Wife Rape Pornography Acquaintance Rape Lesbian Battery Female Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment

Unity of Purpose

Efforts to deal with the crisis of violence against women, in its many forms, have been fragmented by the boundaries of academic disciplines, professional allegiances, and increasingly, credentialism. Academics and clinicians are speaking to those most like themselves in relatively closed groups, not hearing the numerous voices that need to be heard if we are to develop a full understanding of the problem and a comprehensive strategy for addressing it. A primary goal of this journal, therefore, is to foster dialogue among those working in various fields and disciplines, as well as in agencies and other settings, and among those from diverse backgrounds in terms of ethnocultural and racial identity, sexual orientation, and experiences of victimization/ survivorship.



My thoughts that a woman is forced to be told what to do with her body is sad especially when its her body. In some countries, a man can have their way with a woman and not be punish because of the gender and I don’t understand that at all. I don’t understand how someone can come up with trying to  control a woman body especially about the abortion law. I don’t believe in the abortion but I also feel as if  woman should have the right to chose what she wants to do with her body especially if she was raped. I don’t know the feeling but I’m sure that that’s a hard feeling to carry your rapist child around.

The women in my family has been out spoken and strong and this may sound sad but the women are the abuser in my family. The women are the backbones in our family and trust be told,  man might not want to admit this but we learn everything from a woman. We as a man get our strength from a woman. I’m just thankful that I have a strong family full of women whom taught me a lot and I’m still learning from. I have no shame in my game. Ha!

I just think that it’s sick that someone can abuse a woman beautiful body, the same body that gives us beautiful children’s, something that a man can never do. a woman is the strongest creature ever!

Question 2.

Ugh, Didn’t save fast enough before all was lost to auto log out.  I will attempt a recap and hope I recall my previous work.

Children exposed to violence and/or are abused in their home experience an increased risk of being combative and dominant in their future relationships basically because children learn what they live. Children of family violence will experience difficulties expressing themselves, become anxious and tend to avoid intimacy.  Emotional and behavioral issues will manifest both internal and externally and undesirable behavior will be a concern. The child may discontinue or lose interest in their education and extracurricular activities and display other mental concerns such as PTSD, and depression. The child may begin to seek solace through drugs and alcohol or perhaps smoking. Others health concerns such as heart disease, asthma, and obesity can affect a child experiencing abuse.  Once these actions are in motion the child may engage in sexual activities prematurely which is usually unprotected and can end with an unwanted pregnancy and/or a sexually transmitted disease.


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