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Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

Technical Writing – Week #2 Assignment 1

Mechanism and Process Descriptions

The assignment focuses on descriptions of mechanisms and processes.

Part I. Write an introduction to a Mechanism Description

Refer to the textbook for the content elements of the introduction.
1. Choose a mechanism from the list below and write an introduction for the mechanism
· Include a diagram or picture of the mechanism
2. Your audience should be an end-user, so the content of your introduction should be understandable to someone who doesn’t have detailed knowledge of the mechanism.
· iPhone
· ballpoint pen
· Xbox
· Gears and drive trains
· Brakes or clutches (friction Devices)
· Cams
· Actuators (electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic)
· Switches
· PC or Laptop

Part II: Process Description

Using the mechanism you chose in Part A. Write an introduction to a process description of a Mechanism in Operation. Refer to the textbook to the content elements of the introduction.
Other requirements: 
One-inch (1”) margins
Submit one document
The Chapters needed from the book are uploaded also

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Computer Science homework help


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