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Computer Science homework help. Someone who wants to buy a new computer that wants to use it to produce video using Adobe software and games as well, asked you the following questions:
Do I buy a desktop or laptop computer? And why?
• What specifications do I need? (You must indicate the reason for choosing each piece)
RAM: Is it important for RAM speed or capacity?
• Do I need an HDD or SSD disk and technical differences between them? And the appropriate capacitance?
• Graphics card: Is it preferable to be compact or separate?
• What are the appropriate screen specifications and how do I choose them? What are the technical characteristics that I can compare the screens?
• I need a printer, do I buy a laser printer or inkjet printer and what is the difference between them?
• Do I need a DVD or Blu-ray drive and the difference between them?
Are there additional things?
Answer the previous detailed questions? With mentioning the reasons and factors adopted.

Computer Science homework help


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