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Contemporary International Problems


  1. nalyze your chosen country of concern (submitted in the Is it? assignment) throughout the semester in three analytical observations.
    • You are only allowed to analyze one country throughout the semester, no acceptations.
    • The country you will analyze is the country you provided in the ‘Is It’ assignment.
  2. Second, the submissions must discuss your personal reaction (thoughts, impressions, etc.) to the film(s)–in some instances, there are two required AO films and the recorded lecture with respect to the specific weekly topic. (1 paragraph)
    • Basically, you are providing your initial thoughts of the film and the recorded lecture regarding the weekly topic…broad not specific.
  3. Third, students will discuss the complexities of the topic for the designated reflection and answer the question outlined within the prompt. Within the submission, students must identify, compare, and contrast specific assumptions of one of the required readings and central points brought forth in the film(s) to the realities (facts) of your chosen country of concern. (2-3 paragraphs)
    • Simply put, when answering the question outlined in the prompt integrate the assumptions from one of the required readings and the central points of the film when analyzing the dynamics of your specific country of concern. No, you can not integrate more than one reading.
    • Below, following each prompt I have provided a list of websites to support your knowledge of your country of concern.

Several criteria will be used to evaluate this assignment, including:

  • the degree to which the student provides their personal reaction to the recorded lecture and video;
  • the degree to which the student comprehends identifies, compares, and contrasts concepts found in one of the required reading and video(s) when correlating to the environmental context of their chosen country of concern;
  • the degree to which the student answers the question regarding their country of concern; and
  • the degree to which the student illustrates insightfulness and originality of comments about the complexities of their country of concern.


Migration (domestic and international; forced; human trafficking, etc.) is a complex phenomenon which encompasses a wide variety of movements and situations that involve people of all walks of life and backgrounds. As well as touches on a range of economic, social, environmental, and security aspects in an increasingly interconnected world. Humans are transitory beings and have always moved which started from their migration from the continent of Africa. However, as noted by the International Organization of Migration “people are [increasingly] migrating and displaced due to conflict, persecution, environmental degradation and change, and a profound lack of human security and opportunity.”  Yet, despite the reasons for movement and the positive economic, social, and security qualities of accepting migrants- many migrants are contending with exclusionary nationalistic policies, discrimination, anti-immigrant platforms, and xenophobic behavior in the receiving country. Resulting in local hostilities and economic and social exclusion of migrants in the receiving country. Simply, the impact of migration is wide-ranging and depends on the circumstances of the country (economic, social, and political) as well as the situations of the migrants themselves. Hence, this week you are adding to your understanding about the dynamics found within your country of concern by answering the question how has climate change, nationalism, and social, economic, and/or political conflict influenced migration and/or perception of migrants (international and/or domestic) in your country of concern? Remember your country may be contending with voluntary and/or involuntary migration and/or human trafficking.  Resources:

Choose one of the following readings for your Analytical Observation (AO) 2: Nationalism and Conflict.

Watch the following videos for your Analytical Observation (AO) 1: Nationalism, Conflict, Climate Change, and Migration.  Remember to compare and contrast film to the realities of your specific country of concern.

  1. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie
  2. Extreme Realities, PBS Documentary on Climate Change

Submissions must be between 1 ½ – 2 pages (this does not include the reference page). Highlight the chapters/articles from which the two concepts/arguments were used–citations must be used and include a reference page.  Refer to the Writing Specifications in the syllabus for the technical requirements of the assignment.


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