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Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

You are a risk manager/evaluator assigned to The Department of Homeland Security. Your supervisor has just instructed you to produce a timeline and a white paper for a Homeland Security Critical Incident Management Roundtable discussion outlining the evolution of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) from pre 9/11 to present.
Part 1. Construct a timeline that graphically depicts the evolution of CIP from pre 9-11 to present. Your timeline should have the following:

  • Date and time associated with the event
  • Photo of that particular event or a representation thereof
  • Caption with the photo supporting your research

Part 2. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper detailing the evolution of CIP from pre-9/11 to present. Include the following in your paper:

  • Why and how has 9/11 changed CIP practices and planning?
  • What affect did fusion of military, law enforcement, federal, local and tribal government, and the private sector had on CIP?
  • An assessment of where we are now in the present day.

It is not necessary that your timeline be congruent with your paper.
The timeline is meant to graphically depict a slow change over a period of time with less detail than the paper. The paper should provide greater detail.


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