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Cyber-Physical Systems,IOT (Kidney X)

Cyber-Physical Systems,IOT (Kidney X).

 Just select your top project idea from KIDNEY X and fill out the key tables first and add the references and fill everything in the vision template in the attachment.

2. Focus References for  topic (Prelim research on Kidney X) and should do a review of 5 domain references that relate to kidneys (such as  equations and algorithms that describe biological behavior during kidney metabolism and regeneration) and 5 references that relate to existing system designs (such as CPS/IOT technologies that relate to topics like CDSS) that have already been done applied to kidneys.  Place the reference table of 50 references in your vision document.

3. Using the IOT Templates, download minimum 3 tools that you like and fill them out using a pencil.  Take a picture and convert to pdf, then attach http://www.iotmethodology.com/tools/

4.Propose 5-10 slides (min 5 pics) on your top 3 CPS/IOT application ideas in Kidney X  project that you would enjoy developing.  Narrow your focus to a practical application that you can develop


5. In table, include link, description (like abstract), and relevance to kidney X (which is in your own words).


Domain references  info collected by clinicians in kidney area, whereas system resources  info collected by technical personnel on recent applications in any area that provide insight in Kidney X system development.

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Cyber-Physical Systems,IOT (Kidney X)


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