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Assessment: Research and Data Modelling
Part A: Database research  (approx. 200-250 words): 
Note: you are expected to conduct research about current and future Database technologies by answering the below question:
Research Question: Explore history of database systems and discuss the three most important developments in database development history to date.
Note: Use proper references in the APA style. Your research report must be well presented using proper content organization.
Part B: Data Modelling (10 Marks)
Create a complete ERD in Crow’s Foot notation that can be implemented in the relational model using the following description of operations. Hot Water(HW) is a small start-up company that sells spas. HW does not carry any stock. A few spas are set up in a simple warehouse so customers can see some of the models available, but any products sold must be ordered at the time of the sale.
· HW can get spas from several different manufacturers.
· Each manufacturer produces one or more different brands of spas.
· Each and every brand is produced by only one manufacturer.
· Every brand has one or more models.
· Every model is produced as part of a brand. For example, Iguana Bay Spas is a manufacturer that produces Big Blue Iguana spas, a premium-level brand, and Lazy Lizard spas, an entry-level brand. The Big Blue Iguana brand offers several models, including the BBI-6, an 81-jet spa with two 6-hp motors, and the BBI-10, a 102-jet spa with three 6-hp motors.
· Every manufacturer is identified by a manufacturer code. The company name, address, area code, phone number, and account number are kept in the system for every manufacturer.
· For each brand, the brand name and brand level (premium, mid-level, or entry-level) are kept in the system.
· For each model, the model number, number of jets, number of motors, number of horsepower per motor, suggested retail price, HW retail price, dry weight, water capacity, and seating capacity must be kept in the system.
Your task
Create an ERD for each of the above statements that describe the current business rules for HW. For each new statement being the business rule.
Use Crows Foot notations and include all of the following in each part:

  • All entities with Primary key and      any foreign key attributes; (3 marks)
  • The relationships between      entities; (2 marks)
  • The cardinality and optionality of      each relationship; (3 Marks)
  • Any M:N relationships are be      resolved to 1:M relationships and ERD description is clear; (2      Marks)
  • Include your Student ID and Full      Name under the ERD (in Draw.io) then copy the whole      ERD as an image to your Word Document.

**Additional 1 mark is given when following all the above correctly and producing a neat ERD with correct notations.


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