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Demonstrate that your business can be viable and profitable.

Demonstrate that your business can be viable and profitable..

Financial Plan for Photography Business- Business Plan

Demonstrate that your business can be viable and profitable. Existing businesses can use historical data, whereas start-ups will use projections based on your “best estimates.”

Your financial plan should include the following information:

  1. Sources and uses of capital (where your money is coming from and how you are going to spend it).
  2. Cash flow projection.
  3. Balance sheet (assets owned and liabilities owed).
  4. Profit-and-loss statement (sales revenues and expenses, either actual or estimated).
  5. Break-even analysis (how much product you need to sell to cover your expenses).

You can submit your financial plan either in paragraph format or in chart format in 1-2 pages.

THEN complete the following:

The format should be:

  1. A Succession Plan, 
  2. An Executive Summary, 
  3. A Reference List, and 
  4. Complete Business Plan

First, complete a brief Succession plan. What are your long-term intentions for the business? How will investors get their money back? (100–200 words)

Second, prepare your Executive summary. The executive summary should be a 1-2 page overview of your entire plan. The executive summary should include an overview of your company information, the market opportunity that you’ve identified, and financial data such as financial forecasts, equity investment desired, and any long-term loans that will be needed. (800–1000 words)

Demonstrate that your business can be viable and profitable.


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