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Determine the barriers to implementation of the solution.

Please make sure that your writers are properly writing the final references of the journals correctly. The last paper the writer did not write the journal reference in the right format. Example, what he/she did was
Markinsin, J. The effects of health on others. Retrieved from http://journal of health management.
THIS IS INCORRECT FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All journals should be written as such:
Markinson, J. (2014). The effects of health on others. The Journal of Health Management, 6(3), p. 101-120.
The writers should know this. Please let me know if anything else is needed. This upcoming assignment is straightforward paper. Let the writers know that at least TWO scholarly nursing journals should be used.
As of 2014 health care expenditures in the United States are near 17% of our gross domestic product (GDP), with a major portion of Medicare funding goes towards chronic illness and care at the last 6 months of life. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has made some initial legislative changes in our health system, but not sufficient to address our growing expenditures and caring for our large aging population. In this assignment, learners will synthesize issues in aging with health policy solutions by writing a paper on one health issue for older individuals addressed in the topic and offering a policy solution. Example of issue: In 2014, over 50% of the costs of institutional long-term care for older persons are paid for with public funds from Medicaid.
Write a 12000-1500 word paper that addresses a health issue for older individuals. Include the following:
1.Evaluate what the literature suggests as a resolution to your chosen issue.
2.Discuss any attempts to incorporate the solution into public policy.
3.Determine the barriers to implementation of the solution.
4.Analyze the options being discussed for public and/or private funding.
5.Propose your own recommendation.


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