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Development of Adolescent Intimacy & Dating and Romantic Relationships

The Development of Adolescent Intimacy & Dating and Romantic Relationships (with the emphasis or even exclusive focus on the latter topic; p.279)

As described in class and the syllabus, these topics are to be presented with a PowerPoint presentation lasting an ABSOLUTE minimum of 15 minutes (and with a maximum of 20 minutes). Be prepared to answer questions from the class and professor.

Be sure to practice your presentation multiple times in order to ensure that the timing is right, your presentation is smooth and effective, and that you are thoroughly familiar with your slides! Don’t stress about making your presentation, just practice as much as is needed, and remember that you are speaking among “friends.” You should enjoy yourselves!

Please contact me via my regular work email, office hours, or during class with any questions about the presentation. If you wish, I am also willing to hear up to 10″ of your presentation, in advance, in order to provide helpful feedback.

TEXTBOOK: Steinberg, L. (2017). Adolescence, 11th Ed. NY, NY: McGraw-Hill ISBN 9781259567827


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