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Diagnostic Skill Application II

Diagnostic Skill Application II.

For this assignment, you are provided with four video case studies (linked in the Resources). Review the cases of Julio and Kimi, and choose either Reese or Daneer for the third case.  Review these two videos: •The Case of Julio:  Julio is a 36-year-old single gay male. He is of Cuban descent. He was born and raised in Florida by his parents with his two sisters. He attended community college but did not follow through with his plan to obtain a four-year degree, because his poor test taking skills created barriers. He currently works for a sales promotion company, where he is tasked with creating ads for local businesses. He enjoys the more social aspects of his job, but tracking the details is challenging and has caused him to lose jobs in the past. He has been dating his partner, Justin, for five years. Justin feels it is time for them to commit and build a future. Justin is frustrated that Julio refuses to plan the wedding and tends to blame Julio’s family. While Julio’s parents hold some traditional religious values, they would welcome Justin into the family but are respectfully waiting for Julio to make his plans known. Justin is as overwhelmed by the details at home as he is at work. •The Case of Kimi:  Kimi is a 48-year-old female currently separated from her husband, Robert, of 16 years. They have no children, which was consistent with Kimi’s desire to focus on her career as a sales manager. She told Robert a pregnancy would wreck her efforts to maintain her body. His desire to have a family was a goal he decided he needed to pursue with someone else. He left Kimi six months ago for a much younger woman and filed for divorce. Kimi began having issues with food during high school when she was on the dance team and felt self-conscious wearing the form-fitting uniform. During college, she sought treatment because her roommate became alarmed by her issues around eating. She never told her parents about this and felt it was behind her. Her parents are Danish and value privacy. They always expected Kimi to be independent. Her lack of communication about her private life did not concern them. They are troubled by Robert’s behavior and consider his conspicuous infidelity as a poor reflection upon their family. Kimi has moved in with her parents while she and Robert are selling the house, which has upended the balance in their relationship.  For a third case, choose one of these videos: •The Case of Reese:  -Reese is a 44-year-old married African American female. Her parents live in another state, and she is their only child. Her father is a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel who was stationed both in the United States and overseas while Reese was growing up. She entered the Air Force as soon as she graduated high school at age 17 and has achieved the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. She has been married 15 years to John, and they recently discovered she is pregnant. The unexpected pregnancy has been quite disorienting for someone who has planned and structured major decision her entire life. Reese is fiercely loyal to her extended family and frequently travels to help her parents care for her aunts, uncles, and cousins whenever they experience hardships. Her efforts are not always appreciated, because she offers very specific guidance and is easily frustrated by their lack of followthrough. •The Case of Daneer:  Daneer is a 50-year-old male. He emigrated to the United States from Serbia with his parents and older brother when he was four years old. Daneer and his brother were harshly disciplined by their parents when they failed to follow family rules or did not live up to their standards. It was not unusual for his parents to refuse to speak to the boys for days when their grades were low. Daneer’s parents are practicing Muslims, but Daneer rejected their faith when he reached adulthood. His relationships with his parents and brother are strained by his tendency to alternate between being a doting son and lashing out when they rebuke his lifestyle. They disapprove of his life choices that are inconsistent with their religious beliefs. Daneer was briefly married in his 20s, but his wife left him after six months and filed an order of protection. He was briefly hospitalized after a serious suicide attempt shortly after his marriage ended. He has worked several jobs as a waiter and often quits before he is fired due to conflicts with other staff.  Download the Unit 9 Assignment Template. Use it to complete your assignment.  Instructions  For each case, you will complete a diagnostic analysis you select from the list of assessment tools provided late in this assignment. Each case requires the following information to be addressed: •Describe presenting concerns and relevant history. •Explain what information has been provided in each case that helps to determine which disorders are appropriate for consideration (differential diagnoses) for a final diagnosis. Evaluate how at least one assessment tool, which is listed in the List of Assessment Tools resource, will aid in obtaining further information to back up your final diagnosis. The Differential Diagnosis Decision Tree may be helpful to guide this process. •Present DSM-5 and ICD-10 codes including relevant Z codes. Assume that the client has presented for treatment with their partner or parents. •Provide a descriptive rationale for the DSM diagnosis that best fits the information provided, including relevant ICD codes. This should be written in a narrative form using complete sentences. Support your rationale with scholarly sources. Optional readings found in the course syllabus may be particularly relevant. •Describe indications or contraindications that help determine whether a medication consultation is appropriate, and provide rationale with support from scholarly sources.

Diagnostic Skill Application II


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