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Digital Map Paper

The Paper/Reflection – Due by
1. Your reflection should be 750-1000 words double spaced in Microsoft Word (If you are using another word processing application please convert your final submission into .doc)
2. There should be 3 parts to your paper.
a. Each part will be a reflection on one aspect of the course
b. The ‘parts’ include Map Analysis and Interpretation (weeks 1 –3), Projections and Coordinate Systems (weeks 4 and 5), Spatial Data Analysis (weeks 6-8), and Map Interpretation (Weeks 9 and 10)
c. Pick three of these parts to reflect on (3 out of the 4 mentioned above)
3. Content for each section
a. Choose a lab that is associated with the part(s) of the course you chose
b. Choose a concept/learning objective in one lab from each of the three ‘parts’ above
1. For example:  From lab #5 one of the learning objectives might have been Identify and distinguish between different types of data’ This is a concept you should explore in more detail for this assignment.
c. Define the learning objective/concept in your own words. Please draw on course materials such as lectures and labs for the explanation of the concept.
d. Explain how you used/accomplished this concept/learning objective in a lab you completed this semester. For example, if you were selecting Projections and Coordinate Systems (For Example: Learning objective: Assign projections to different geographic areas based on location and geographic extent) you can explain what projections are (in your own words/as used in the course) and then discuss how you assigned them to different locations. Please be specific about what lab(s) you are referring to and what questions in the labs demonstrate the concept you chose.
e. Explain what successes or difficulties you had dealing with this learning/ objective/concept.
f. Finally do some independent research. Investigate how this concept has been employed to understand or solve real life problems. For the example of projections you might cite how a poor understanding of projections caused experts to totally misinterpret a misslie threat from North Korea. Feel free to use this example if your paper.
g. You will complete this flow 3 times – once for each section of the class you choose. Each reflection should be about 3 pages – so you should 3-4 pages total.
4. To finish write a short conclusion that reflects on your entire experience in the class. Where did you succeeded? Where did you struggle? Is there something in the course you will take with you once our time together ends?
5. Works Cited Page
a. Please cite your outside research


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