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Dis 2 – CU-ETC

Dis 2 – CU-ETC.

In today’s world, both government and the private sector are struggling to provide a secure, efficient, timely, and separate means of delivering essential services. As a result, these critical national infrastructure systems remain at risk from potential attacks via the Internet and from Insiders.

The Federal Government is continually increasing capabilities to address cyber risk associated with critical networks and information systems through the proper separation of data and assets. One way of doing this is through the implementation of firewalls.

Please answer the following questions:

  • Define what a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is and the advantages of having this type of firewall as opposed to a Packet Filter Firewall?
  • How can the Federal Government use NGFWs to stop adversaries from the Internet and from inside the network as well?

You must use a minimum of three unique scholarly references for your initial post. Also, please cite all references, in-text citations and use proper APA formatting. 


Dis 2 – CU-ETC


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