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nswer this question: Review Figure 6.1, “Confidence in Congress.”  Why do you believe Congress receives such a low confidence rating?
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Adamari Rios Salgado  
Confidence in Congress Collapse
Congress is sometimes considered the ultimate power, but even then, Congress is still a group of people brought together by different beliefs. In Congress, the decisions are made between the House of Representatives and the Senate when it pertains to the Legislative Branch itself. Although Congress is meant to follow the Constitution and follow the procedures of check and balances within the three branches of government, not many people have confidence in Congress for a variety of reasons.
I believe that one of the reasons Congress receives low confidence ratings is that people in society might not be aware of the actual things Congress is able to do. For example, many people tend to say Congress is bad and that Congress does not fix any poor situations. However, most of the people that state this claim do not attempt to reach out to Congress. I believe that sometimes people are unaware that if they do not speak up, then it is difficult for things to change. As a result of not being aware, most people have low levels of confidence in Congress.
Another possible reason for the low confidence rating could be as a result of people that have previously attempted to make changes but were unable to. For example, there are some people that notice bad situations and reach out to Congress with both the issue and possible solutions. However, sometimes their suggestions on how to fix, or improve, the situations might not be approved. Some might believe that Congress is just choosing not to accept the suggestions, but what those people might not be acknowledging is that Congress is not the ultimate power. The suggestions given by the people do not only need to be accepted by the Legislative branch. They also need to go through, and be accepted by, the Executive and Judicial Branches of the government so as a result it is very difficult for change to occur. While it is true that sometimes the Legislature can override the votes by having a two-thirds vote on both the House of Representatives and Senate, it is still very difficult to do so due to the differences in beliefs and opinions.
Overall, I believe that the low confidence level is a result of people being unsure of how successful, or unsuccessful, Congress is when helping create change as well as the people’s awareness on how the government works.
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