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Discussion On-Technologies For Decision Making

Discussion On-Technologies For Decision Making.

W5: Technologies for Decision Making

Graded Discussion:  Technologies for Decision Making

Create a new thread and address the following discussion question.

When we think about various technologies for decision making, there are many different types; however, when we focus in the realm of decision making, remember that many decisions we make are based on various data reports and raw data extracted from databases transformed into usable business intelligence.  Some business intelligence technologies are associated with the following:

· Data Warehousing

· Data Driven Dashboards

· Ad Hoc Reporting

· Data Discovery Technologies

· Cloud Data Services

Some example technology driven applications are associated with the following:

· Microsoft Power BI

· R Studio

· IBM Cognos Analytics

· Dundas BI

· Oracle BI

Based on the types of technology driven tools to support decision making, think about your current work environment or possibly think about the type of organization you would like to work for an its associated work environment.  Based on this, conduct some background research on a few technologies which supports decision making and compare these technologies and determine which would best support your chosen work environment and why?

Discussion Expectations

Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. They should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors.

Initial postings are due by Wednesday. You are encouraged to post your follow-up comments to different students and you can do more than two if you want and these peer replies are due by Saturday.  Postings should include scholarly detail with research support where appropriate


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Discussion On-Technologies For Decision Making


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