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Discussion / Student Replies

Discussion / Student Replies.

For the sake of this assignment assume that the 2021 United States Congress has legalized the sale of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use in all states.

1. You are an advertising agency that has been approached to help a company create a campaign for the sale of their products. Utilizing each of elements of the TARES ethics test briefly explain how you would create an ethical advertising campaign.



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1. Choice 2! Currently I work for the Federal trade Commission. My job is to make sure every marijuana product we have is safe for use. Marijuana is known to help with diseases and conditions such as Depression, Parkinson’s, seizures and many more. The 5 elements of the TARES ethic test consists of Truthfulness, Authenticity, Respect, Equity, and Social Responsibility. The TARES test is very important to us because it makes sure that every marijuana product we have is up to standards for each customer. 1. Marijuana can only be used for persons over the ages of 21. 2. All products be tested and labeled for sale. 3. Scan every ID. 4. A mandatory marijuana test be taken so that every person has to take a test to be eligible. 5. Use wisely and do not drive under the influence of marijuana.

2. While working for the Federal Trade Commission, these now legalized marijuana products must be monitored and checked. In order to do so there must be a federal guideline for everyone to follow. First and foremost, we need to identify what exactly should our guidelines contain and what they should focus on. We need to base it on the Tares ethical test. Tares stands for truthful, authentic, respectful, equitable, and socially responsible. Here is my short list of guidelines according to the Tares test. 1. All products must be tested prior to sale and information about product must be on a label on product. 2. This product is not to be consumed by persons under the age of 21. 3. This product is to be sold by licensed business only. 4. The sale of this product is final and there are to be no refunds. 5. Only way to purchase this product is directly through the certified business. 6. Businesses can choose if they wanted this product consumed on their property, These are just a few short guidelines for selling marijuana based products.

3. Most people Marijuana being legalized has helped a lot of people and can help a lot of people. Some examples are that the use of medical marijuana can slow cancer cell growth,treats Glaucoma,decreases Parkinson’s Tremors,helps with hepatitis C treatment,treats Chron’s Disease,relieves artheritus symptoms,anxiety reduction, and pain relief as you can see. As an employee of the Federal Trade Commission here are some federal guidelines for selling marijuana based products. Only people 18 and older are allowed to buy cannabis. Licenses are required and available for both medical and recreational marijuana businesses.The state requires separate licenses and registration for growers and dispensary operators. If it is known that businesses are selling marijuana to people without identification their business license.

Discussion / Student Replies


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