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Do you have sea change?

“A Sea-Change for Health Care?”


·                     Sea Change Program is dedicated to transforming the culture of stigma around abortion and other stigmatized reproductive experiences. We conduct social science research and partner with organizations to identify, test, and share practices for reducing reproductive stigmas.  We seek a world that upholds the dignity and humanity of people as they move through their reproductive lives. We work to increase the visibility of marginalized reproductive experiences, strengthen connections between people, reproductive health care providers, and their communities, and support the integration of abortion and other reproductive health services into mainstream health care.

1         We engage in projects that highlight innovation by trying new ideas, taking risks, and measuring success.

2         We bring a spirit of collaboration, recognizing that working with individuals, communities, and organizations helps us to communicate a shared vision, learn from each other, and garner the resources and influence we need to change the world.

3         We believe in transparency, seeking to make our work understandable, accessible and useful.

4         We emphasize learning through our research, continuing education, and communication with our colleagues and partners.

5         Finally, we value intersectionality as an approach to viewing the complex matrix of oppression and privilege in people’s lives, and use this analysis to inform our research questions, interventions, and organizational partnerships (“Sea Change Program”, 2016).


Do you have sea change?


Sea Change Program. (2016). Retrieved from http://seachangeprogram.org/about-us/mission/




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