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Review the research you gathered in Week 2 and the thesis statement you created in last week , before beginning your rough draft. Be sure to note any feedback from your instructor about changes you might want to consider.
You may also create an outline to use for yourself as you compose the draft. Review the model outline from the Center for Writing Excellence. Take advantage of the opportunity to record notes to yourself on where to flesh out ideas as a reference for later revisions. Keep in mind that only the draft will be required for submission in this assignment. You do not have to submit your outline or notes.
Feel free to explore different approaches to preparing your draft, such as:

  • Writing it from start to finish.
  • Writing just the body or one section at a time.
  • Writing what intrigues you most with this topic.

These strategies are meant to help you get started on your paper but remember to go back and revise so that you have a complete draft to submit.
Use the APA template from the Center for Writing Excellence to create a draft of your Final Paper in a minimum of 525 words. Complete the appropriate title page information with your details and original title.
2nd PART:
Read your draft in-progress.
Complete the Self-Assessment worksheet with full-sentence responses. As you complete the worksheet, keep your draft handy. You may find it helpful to make notes on your draft as you complete this so you capture the changes you want to make as you revise.
Use your completed worksheet and any notes you make as you revise your draft for the Final Paper (due at the end of Week 5).
Submit your worksheet.
Review the paper draft you submitted in part 2, the Self-Assessment worksheet and notes you completed in Week 4, and any feedback from your instructor. All these documents will guide the edits you make to create your Final Paper.
Review “The Power of Wardrobe,” pp. 335-346, from Research Matters as an example of expectations. You may also review the Sample Paper as another example.
Complete the edits for your paper using the Final Paper Checklist to ensure you have addressed all the requirements of the assignment. The Final Paper should be between 500 and 750 words.
Use the APA template to format your Final Paper.
Prior to submitting your Final Paper, use the SafeAssign Originality Report to review your work for errors or concerns about incorporating evidence. Make corrections as needed.
Ensure the paper reflects your best effort at a clean copy in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
The sample sheet for viewing amd self assessment that needs to be completed is attached.

  • Writing it from start to finish.
  • attachment

  • attachment



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