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1. Estimate your approximate C footprint for one year that includes all major trips. We suggest that you choose the year beginning in 1 May 2018 and that extends to the end of the school year on 30 April 2019 (project into the future).

Start by specifying your location and dates that you resided there. If you lived in a different location during the summer 2018, then calculate your carbon footprint for that location in the months you resided there, e.g., May to August 2018. Note your carbon footprint for each activity at that location. Repeat the carbon footprint calculation for the months you resided in Toronto.

Calculating your carbon footprints requires you to input information for your home, flights, transportation, and consumption of foods and products. Do your best to estimate these for one year. If you live in residence or an apartment building, then estimate your home energy consumption using average statistics (Statistics Canada, 2011). Note that for the secondary carbon footprint emissions due to consumption of food and products, the input options are for British pound, US dollars or Euro. Approximate our purchases in Canadian dollars which then need to be converted to US for the C footprint calculator.

Input all your estimates to the spreadsheet for each category into Tab “C-1”. Note the units of each category.

2. Tally your carbon footprint for each category and for each location. Present the data in the spreadsheet provided. This is your current carbon footprint under Tab “C-1”


4. Recommend a minimum of 3 ways in which you can significantly and realistically reduce your carbon footprint. These recommendations must come from your data and must not be based on general information – that is essential for this assignment.

5. By what percentage can your reduce your footprint by adopting those 3 recommendations? Tally your future carbon footprint that includes the recommendations made in #4. Show this difference in the spreadsheet, Tab 2 “C-2”.

6. Comment briefly on major activities missing from your carbon footprint and/or that are highly uncertain.

References: You must reference the carbon footprint calculator. You do not need to consult other references. You may choose to consult other references that you can add.

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