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Editing Exercise

Consider the following six shots:
1) Shot of a woman entering the front door of a home 
2) Shot of a person being wheeled out on a gurney by paramedics 
3) Shot of a man running out the side door of the home 
4) Shot of an ambulance arriving to the scene 
5) Shot of a man sneaking in the side door of the home 
6) Static shot of the home with an audible scream
First, arrange these six shots in what you think is their most linear, chronological sequence. What story/scenario is being presented?
Second, rearrange these shots in a different order to create an alternative effect (and possibly story). Get creative. Discuss how you feel the meaning and/or effect of these same shots changes once you reorder them.
Third, for each of the two sequences above, determine which types of edits you want between each shot (as well as before the first and after the last). Choose among: fades, dissolves, cuts, and wipes. Let me give you an example:
fade in
Static shot of the home with an audible scream
Shot of a man sneaking in the side door of a home
[and so forth]
Formatting: double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12-point font, write this up ideally in a Word doc
Length 1-3 pages
Due: Submit your file to this prompt by Sunday, March 31, 11:59 pm.


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