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Education homework help. Global Foundations in Art and Visual Culture
Museum Paper
DUE: May 4th
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City visit the Islamic Galleries and select one of two topics below.
Pick two works which demonstrate and support the thesis:

  • “The religious prohibition against imagery in art resulted in many examples of non-figural decoration and geometric designs for art objects and architecture. The following two works demonstrate this argument….”


  • “Despite the prohibitions of images for religious art in Islamic art there are many examples of figuration. The following two works demonstrate this argument….”

Make sure to select works that help to defend your position but also select works which are not too similar. Try to find works of different periods, regions, mediums, size etc.

  • Identify the works by artist (if applicable), title, date, period or culture and medium.
  • Describe the works in detail. Discuss their visual aspects and their use or meaning.
  • Compare the works. How do they demonstrate different aspects of Islamic art and culture?
  • How do the works relate to and uphold the thesis?
  • Are there ways in which they do not agree with the thesis?

4-5 pages in length
12-point font and double spaced
Include a selfie with one of the works you discuss.
No need to use outside research. Use the textbook and museum wall text for addition information about the works.
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Education homework help


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