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NASA Video: Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS)
Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPcAWNlVl-8. This short video clip will introduce you to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Complete this worksheet as you watch the video. You can pause the video to answer questions. For Part 1, in addition to the Introduction, complete the sections on Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, Visible Light, UV, X-rays, and Gamma Rays. For Part 2, answer the questions and fill in the chart.
Introduction (5:03)

  1. What is the “it” that the world as we know it would not be able to exist without?


  1. What are some (3) examples of things in everyday life that depend on waves from the EM spectrum?


  1. How are EM waves produced?


  1. Which waves on the EM spectrum have the lowest frequency and carry the least amount of energy?


  1. Which waves are the shortest, highest energy waves in the spectrum?


  1. What is the range of wavelengths that our eyes can see on the spectrum? This is called the visible light spectrum.

Radio Waves (3:39)

  1. In what year were the first radio waves transmitted?


  1. What are some objects we can use to compare the wavelength of radio waves?


  1. Who is the scientist that discovered radio waves in 1888?


  1. List the 3 heavenly bodies that were discovered using radio waves.

Microwaves (3:04)

  1. What are 3 things that microwaves do?


  1. Where do microwaves fall on the EM spectrum? Between what two other types of EM waves?


  1. What do C-microwaves reveal to scientists?


  1. What type of microwaves do GPS systems use?

Infrared Waves (5:23)

  1. Even though we can’t see infrared waves, how can we sense its existence?


  1. Do infrared waves have longer or shorter wavelengths than visible light?


  1. What are the components of the “Earth Radiation Budget?”


  1. What does studying the emitted and reflected infrared radiation help us to understand?

Visible Light Waves (4:50)

  1. What is the only part of the spectrum that we can see?


  1. What color or colors is sunlight?


  1. What does Earth’s atmosphere generally look blue?


  1. What causes the color of a sunset?


  1. What does the sun produce more yellow light than any other color? What is its surface temperature?


  1. How did visible light waves help scientists decipher a picture taken of Chaiten, Chile?

Ultraviolet Waves (3:40)

  1. Why are bugs attracted to UV light?


  1. What are the 3 regions that UV waves can be subdivided into?


  1. Which type of UV rays are the harmful type that cause sunburn?


  1. What does NASA’s L.A.M.P. look for?

X-Rays (2:50)

  1. Who discovered bone x-rays in 1895?


  1. What 2 elements has the MARS Rover detected in Martian rocks?


  1. What 4 things can x-rays provide information about?

Gamma Rays (3:42)

  1. What are gamma rays created by?


  1. What are the 3 ways gamma rays are created naturally in Earth’s atmosphere?


  1. What do doctors use gamma radiation to destroy?


  1. What do gamma ray detectors typically contain?


  1. What are the most energetic and luminous electromagnetic events since the Big Bang?


  1. Compare EM waves and ocean waves.


  1. Define: wavelength


  1. Define: frequency


  1. How is energy related to wavelength and frequency?


  1. What can be learned about an object from its electromagnetic spectral signature?

Specific Types of Electromagnetic Radiation – The video discusses all of these… take notes!

Type of radiation Length What can we learn from it? 2 other Facts about this type of radiation
Radio waves
Infrared Waves


Visible Light Waves
Ultraviolet Waves
Gamma Rays      



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