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Essay 3: Addressing Barriers to Student Success
Background and Task:
In the previous unit, we explored various contemporary issues/barriers faced by students within the US educational system (K-college). Through an exploratory research paper, you focused on a specific student population and/or factor that negatively impact student success and reported on various perspectives on the topic. While your purpose in the research paper was to develop and demonstrate your research skills and awareness of the complexity of your chosen research topic, your purpose for this assignment is to present an argument and convince readers about how to best address a key problem you identified in your research.
Your task is to write a 1250-word persuasive essay, in which you present your position on how to best address a key issue that negatively impact student success — based on your research. The idea is for you to build on the writing/reading skills and knowledge you gained from your exploratory research, so please focus on the same topic.
Imagine other college students, faculty, and staff who do not have much background in this topic and whom you must convince about your claim/opinion.
Your goal is to write an essay that…

  • has a clear and well-supported claim (your thesis) and a title that reflects this
  • integrates ideas from 3-4 sources–one of which must be an academic/scholarly source (these may be the same sources you used for your annotated bib or exploratory research). Note: the reasons and evidence you use to support your argument must come primarily from outside sources versus personal experience
  • helps readers understand the complexity of the issue (this means incorporating multiple perspectives)
  • refutes counterarguments or opposing views (when applicable)
  • employs rhetorical strategies/persuasive devices (ethos, pathos, logos, kairos)
  • is organized in a logical and coherent fashion
  • uses “quotation sandwiches” and adhere to the MLA citation and formatting guidelines.
  • meet all other requirements and the minimum standards listed on the rubric on Canvas

Length: 1250 words (about 5 pages) — not counting the Works Cited page
Formatting: double-spaced, 12 pt font (Times New Roman), following MLA guidelines
Sources: 3-4 sources total, one of which must be an academic/scholarly source (you may use the
same sources from your exploratory research paper, if applicable.
Final Draft DUE : Saturday May 2nd at 11:59pm via Canvas


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