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English homework help. Essay 4: Drama Argument Analysis
For this essay you will be analyzing a play based on a specific aspect that you want to work from (ex: characters, conflict, staging, conventions) and how that contributes to the whole work. Keep in mind your introduction will need an attention-getter, the text you are working from, and your thesis statement (this is what you are arguing). This paper will have a persuasive tone because you are trying to convince someone that your view is valid.  Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong, but valid and invalid. You want to present an argument that is believable and well supported with evidence.
Also, remember to use the text as evidence. Incorporate three to five articles from the library databases or books. You may use other credible sources (books, internet) to help support your point. Remember to quote the passages exactly as the author states them. Do not misrepresent what the author might be trying to say.
For this essay you may analyze the following plays:

  • A Doll’s House
  • Trifles
  • Oedipus The King
  • Othello
  • The Glass Menagerie
  • Fences
  • Antigone

The essay will focus on analyzing a play for specific devices, (characters, conflicts, staging, POV, individual rights, themes, symbolism, motifs, etc.).
Paper Requirements:
Proper Heading (Student’s Name, Professor’s Name, Class, Date) and Header (Last name pg #)
4 to 5 FULL pages or longer  (Note: The 4th page is not the Works Cited page)
Double spaced
12 point font
Times New Roman
1 inch margins
3rd person Point of View – personal opinion area is paragraph before conclusion; you may use 1st POV here
No Contractions
Works Cited Page in MLA for any sources (minimum 3/ no maximum)
Quotes with internal citations  – use a minimum of four quotes
Final draft                    15%
Works Cited                   5%
Total                            20 %
Helpful Websites:

  • Review McGraw-Hill website for research essay strategies and other resources:


  • Review Purdue Owl website for research essay strategies and other resources:


  • Two valuable and free websites to register with for double checking your citations are:

Using Evidence:
Evidence in your paper is the way you show support for your main idea-thesis. This support can be shown in a variety of ways:
         Reasons
         Examples
         Facts
         Details
         Statistics
         Personal Observations or Experience
         Anecdotes
         Expert Opinions
         Quotations
This includes the final draft and works cited page.

English homework help


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