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English homework help. COMM 7100: Literature Review Assignment (15%) 6-8 pages
Final Draft Literature Reviews will be due three days after the final exam, on the Monday night
following the exam via D2L Dropbox. However, you NEED a full rough draft of your Literature
Review completed in order to write the final exam – in other words, your Literature Review forms
the basis of your final exam essay. Our final exam is one academic essay question, based on the
concepts and terminology of our course. The exam is open book – i.e. you may use any course resources
and materials you have created for the course, including your Literature Review – but you should not
access the “open” Internet or consult with anyone for help on your final exam essay.
The final exam is worth 35% of your overall grade. The Literature Review is worth 15% of your
overall grade.
Again, the Literature Review draft is required as a key resource to succeed on the final exam i.e. you
will use your Literature Review sources as the required secondary sources within your final exam
The Literature Review Assignment
Choose a specific topic within the general category of Intercultural Communication Competence. This
may be a specific nation, region, or cultural group, or it may be a specific topic such as business, ethics,
sustainability, education, globalization, environmentalism, etc, OR it may be a combination of the two.
Presumably, you will use the research you have already completed for Seminar #1 and Seminar #2.
Find and read at least EIGHT scholarly (peer reviewed) research articles from the BCIT Databases
(articles you have previously found for your seminars are fine). In addition, you should include two to
four credible Internet sources (as discussed in Seminar #2). Drawing on these journal articles and reports,
summarize what you have learned in a Literature Review. Your review will give an overview of the topic
based on these sources.
What is a Literature Review?
A Literature Review is a summary of the most up-to-date information on a given topic. It is often done at
the beginning of a significant research project to establish what other research on the topic has already
been conducted. A Literature Review, therefore, is not an essay; rather, it is a formal summary of
existing research.
The writer of a Literature Review reads available literature (journal articles, reports, etc.) from the last
five to seven years (or more, if required) and extracts key points of view on the topic. The researcher tries
to answer some critical questions that relate to the topic, such as:
• What is the topic
• Why is it significant
• What do experts say about the topic
• Do the experts agree on the topic or is there any controversy/difference of opinion among the
experts about the topic?
(see next page)
Review Requirements
General criteria: Overall, your audience will find the review informative. The review will show your
understanding of the complexities of the topic. The material you use to write the review will be relevant,
recent, and at a post-secondary level of detail/depth on the subject.
Your Literature Review will include appropriate sections, such as
• Abstract (Summary)
• Introduction (background) and Methods (where you found your research)
• Discussion
o Discussion section needs to be broken into sub-sections (see below)
• Conclusion.
Use headings for each major section of the paper as well as descriptive/informative subheadings.
Your Discussion needs to be broken into sub-sections. These sub-sections are not the titles of your
articles! From your research, choose three or four logical sub-sections and then group your articles under
the sub-sections accordingly; for example:
(Sub 1) The history of this nation
Articles 1, 2
(Sub 2) The turning point in global relationships
Article 3
(Sub 3) Language and communication styles
Articles 4, 5, 6
(Sub 4) The treatment of women and gender issues in contemporary society
Articles 7, 8
Etc. (this is just an example; you will choose your own sub-topics)
Your Conclusion will follow logically from the Discussion. It must demonstrate critical reading and
writing: you will not simply summarize the findings, but instead show critical analysis of the research
and illustrate that you have thought about/analyzed the research and its overall findings.
The style of your paper will meet professional standards and be appropriate for your audience. It will
• be written in well-structured paragraphs
• have clear, correct, concise sentences
• use consistent “person” and “voice”
• have professional word choice
• use punctuation correctly and be grammatically correct
• avoid plagiarism of any kind, including avoiding copying word-for-word without quotation or
copying the author’s abstract
• include a list of references in the MLA style.

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