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1) Remember that bias can be found on a website.
View the website noted here: https://www.naturalchild.org/articles/guest/john_breeding.html.
What indications do you have that the site is biased or not biased? List three things that appear to make this site biased or unbiased. Finally, based on the criteria you have been learning about websites, do you believe this site is true and honest, or does it have an agenda? How might you address bias in your evaluation essay?
2) One way to disagree with a review is to question the expectations, or criteria, that an author has for the subject of his or her review. Describe how well the website you have chosen for your evaluation essay meets your expectations/criteria. please pick and eating disorder website to evaluate and attach website.
3)Provide a sample in-text citation that you plan to use in your evaluation essay you are currently writing.  Use one of the head/body/tail combinations from our textbook (Chapter 2).  Then create a second citation for the same source, but use a different head/body/tail combination.  As the week progresses, comment on your class mates’ in-text citations. Do you think they were cited correctly?  Why or why not?  How do different patterns create different impressions about the source?


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