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  • Record all energy use for 7 days (electricity, driving/riding, heating, hot water)
  • To assess hot water, record total # minutes in shower each day.
  • For driving/riding, record miles driven (calculate gallons of gasoline used, based on miles per gallon rating of car used).
  • For electricity, record #minutes (hours) of usage for each appliance and lights (check wattage of bulbs used in lamps; note wattage of each appliance).
  • Calculate kwh for all electricity used ([watts x hours of usage]/1000 = kwh).
  • Convert kwh and gallons of gasoline used to MBTU (million BTUs).
  • Hot water use and space heating/air conditioning will be estimated, using information from University records or utility bills, based on type of residence for each person.
  • Submit Energy Diary in good formusing the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Determine from your Diary some possible energy savings (add up total MBTUs of possible Energy Saved)
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